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Brand New! The Browning Machine Gun, Volume III by Dolf L. Goldsmith, Published by Collector Grade Publications, Canada, 2008.

The Browning Machine Gun itself was only part of the total Browning story. A very large number of mounts and accessories were needed to keep the gun in action. The effort and money paid out for all of these was probably more than what was expended on the gun itself.

As such, no study of the gun is complete unless all this material is also taken into consideration. An incredible number of mountings including vehicle mounts were designed and experimented with, also there were sights and sighting devices, flash hiders, ammunition boxes, feeding devices, belts and belt loaders, links and link loaders, tools and gauges, cooling equipment, transport equipment, and canvas accessories, training aids, including .22 caliber guns, and .22 caliber conversion kits, and manuals not to mention the ammunition.  A detailed description of how the gun works, conversions to other calibers such as 7.92 mm, 7.62 mm Nato, 7,62 mm x 54R and `7.62 x 39mm, and Ordnanceman Bob Faris's autobiography with emphasis on the small arms work he did as an armorer in the 7th Infantry Division during the Korean war are also covered.

The history of the development of these various items is as interesting as that of the gun itself, and in some cases even more so.

This hardbound volume has 488 pages and 766 illustrations and is an interesting book even just by itself, but of course even more so if you have Volumes 1 and 2.

Available from the Author autographed to you at $ 79.95 postpaid. To Order


The Devil's Paintbrush by Dolf L. Goldsmith, Published by Collector Grade Publications, Canada, expanded (3rd) Ediotion, 2002.

This book covers the history of the well known Maxim Machinegun originally invented in prototype form in 1883 and which was to revolutionise warfare. It covers all the Maxim models manufactured by a number of different countries and also includes a comprehensive technical section. Hardbound, 584 pages, 819 illustrations, Signed to you by the author:
$ 79.95 postpaid.To Order


The Browning Machine Gun, Volume I by Dolf L. Goldsmith, Published by Collector Grade Publications, Canada, 2004.

This is Volume One of a planned multivolume set which covers the history, development and use of this famous gun. The Browning book series are the product of an intensive 15 years long reseach effort by the author. Hardbound, 552 pages,568 illustrations, signed to you by the author, $ 79.95 pospaid. To Order

The Browning Machine Gun, Volume II by Dolf L. Goldsmith, Published by Collector Grade Publications, Canada, 2006.

This volume covers the history and development of all foreign produced Browning Guns, among others, England, Canada, Belgium, Poland, Norway, Sweden, and China. Hardbound 392 pages, 486 illustrations, signed to you by the author, $ 69.95 postpaid. To Order

The MG34/42 by Folke Myrvang. Published by Collector Grade Publications, Canada,2002

The author, Folke Myrvang, a First Lieutenant in the Norwegian Home Guard combines his military experience with his research, collecting and recreational shooting experiences to show the development, history, technical information, and use of these famous machineguns in great detail, 496 pages, 646 illustrations,$ 79.95 postpaid. To Order


Desperate Measures, The last Ditch Weapons of the Nazi Volkssturm by W. Darrin Weaver, Published by Collector Grade Publications, Canada, 2005.

This is the first in-depth study to appear in the English language of the efforts made to equip the last ditch "Volkssturm" - citizen soldiers - with every type of imaginable weapon, including captured as well as Italian material. Anti-tank rockets, mortars, training rifles,civilian hunting weapons, grenades, etc, all are featured.

This book is an absolute must for anyone interested in World War Two German armament. Hardbound, 424 pages, 558 illustrations, $ 69.95 postpaid. To Order


Death From Above - The German FG42 Paratroop Rifle, New expanded edition, by Thomas R. Dugelby and R. Blake Stevens. Published by Collector Grade Publications, Canada, 2007.

The Fallschirmjagergewehr 42 (FG42) was certainly the most audacious small arm to come out of World War Two. Light in weight,extremely reliable and quite comfortable to shoot on full automatic, it is the most desired small arm in a World war two German weapons collection. Its design has influenced later small arms development to a considerable extent.

The First Edition, now long out of print contained 160 pages and 156 illustrations, this new edition has added an additional 68 pages and 122 illustrations. It also now includes an up to date list of serial numbers of all the FG42s confirmed to exist.Hardbound, 228 pages, 278 illustrations, $ 59.95 postpaid. To Order



Sturmgewehr - From Firepower to Striking Power by Hans-Dieter Handrich, Published by Collector Grade Publications, Canada, 2004.

The Sturmgewehr program was the most important small arms development to come out of World War Two, culminating in the MP43 and MP44. Yet, incredibly, Hitler refused three times to sanction the adoption of this revolutionary weapon, delaying its production by a full year, and by which time a general re-armament of the German army was no longer possible.

Sturmgewehr documents this entire story from Hugo Schmeisser's initial work at Haenel, the Walther contribution and the various trials and tribulations that took place. A must for anyone interested in German World War Two weaponry, or for that matter, anyone interested in small arms development in general, Hardbound, 600 pages, 392 illustrations $ 79.95 hardbound. To Order



Full Circle - A Treatise on Roller Locking by R.Blake Stevens, Published by Collector Grade Publications, Canada, 2006

This is the in-depth story of the "half locked" roller action developed for use in German assault rifles and machineguns during World War Two. After the war the roller lock was taken to France, Spain,Switzerland and then, through Holland, back to Germany again where it was used in the G3 rifle in 1959 and subsequently in a variety of later models.

After an intrduction where several forerunners were discussed, the book is divided into thirty chapters which include fully illustrated descriptions of an astounding number of arms based on the roller locking action.

This book is a milestone in the history of weapons development. Hardbound, 534 pages, 737 illustrations, $ 79.95 postpaid. To Order



The Mauser Archive by Jon Speed, Published by Collector Grade Publications, Canada, 2007.

This great new book was made possible by the recent discovery of hundreds original and previously unpublished company documents most of which had not been seen by anyone since the end of World War Two. These include:

Actual Production and Sales Data, 1884-1946
Inventory lists, 1900-1940
Cost and Sales Price Calculations, 1908-1928
Order Book Entries 1928-1936
Sales Accounts Ledgers, 1887-1927
300 fragile glass plate negatives showing hitherto unknown Mauser sporting models

The author, Jon Speed has spent many years acquiring an impressive degree of knowledge about the Mauser company and its many products and this book is the final word in this aspect of German weapons development and production.

Hardbound, 576 pages, 870 illustrations $ 89.95 postpaid. To Order



Honour Bound -The Chauchat Machine Rifle by Gerard Demaison and Yves Buffetaut, Published by Collector Grade Publications, Canada, 1995.

This book covers the original concept of, the design and production of, and use in World War One by both French and American troops. Even though the Chauchat has never been considered much of a gun, and has not, except in a few cases, enjoyed much collector interest, it has a fascinating history, and is a classic example of how a country, which when it entered a war without a "squad automatic rifle" managed very quickly to put an available design in production and produce it in very large numbers, over 260,000 were made, more than any other model produced by either the Allies or the central Poweres.

The books starts out with a very interesting section dealing with the various models of self loading rifles and squad automatic rifles produced in France by French inventors during the period 1897 to 1914 showing that France was well ahead of most other natons in early automatic weapon development. A must for anyone having an interest in the development of automatic weapons. 227 pages, 249 illustrations, $ 39.95 postpaid. To Order



US Infantry Weapons in Combat - Personal Experiences from World War II and Korea by Mark G. Goodwin, Foreword by Scott A. Duff

This is a gun book. It is not simply war stories, but is sixty-five interviews with soldiers and Marines who relate their experiences with US infantry weapons in combat during World War Il and Korea.

Darrell "Shifty" Powers, from Company E, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment- well known today due to Band of Brothers-leads the book, with an interview about training and fighting with the M1 Garand. Each man had his own opinion on the weapons that he had used and relates those observations to the reader. The differing opinions of these men are fascinating. One man loved the M1 rifle and hated the M1 carbine, while the next loved the M1 carbine and hated the M1 rifle.

Much of what collectors and history buffs think we know about the use of US infantry weapons in combat has been derived from movies and books. Some movies, like Bane/of Brothers are very accurate, others are not. The general history books rarely contain in-depth details of firearms usage. The stories about US infantry weapons contained in this book are the real hands-on experiences of the men who actually used them for their intended purposes. Once you begin
reading this book you will find it tough to put down.

It also covers a number of experiences with Browning Machineguns. Dolf Goldsmith found this book fascinating and highly recommends it.

6"x 9" softbound, laminated, 237 pages, 56 photos $25.00 post paid. To Order