About This Site & Dolf Goldsmith

Dolf Goldsmith is pleased to present some of the famous Canadian Collector Grade Publications Inc. titles, primarily those that deal with military automatic weapons, and also the Collector Grade new releases from the last two years.

Collector Grade Publishing Company, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada is the leader in the field of high quality books dealing with firearms. They have over thirty titles in print with more coming, the newest one for 2008 is "The Browning Machine Gun, Volume Three".

Mr. Blake Stevens, the owner of Collector Grade Publications and I have been friends for over thirty years, and it was he who put me on the road, so as to say, to write a few titles myself. It was actually our mutual friend Fred Kaase (who unfortunately passed away a few years ago) who first prompted me to write a book on the Maxim gun, as I had specialized knowledge of that weapon, as so many times, people who had detailed knowledge of a subject, had passed away with the information being lost, and Fred did not want that to happen. I had absolutely no idea as to how to go about writing a book, and it was Blake who guided me from from a pile of hand scrawled notes that were meant to be a "manuscript" to the point where I had to get into the 21st century, and bought a computer, which I am still struggling to efficiently learn the use of.

The books written by me are "The Devil's Paintbrush, Sir Hiram Maxim"s Gun", and "The Browning Machine Gun", Volumes I, II and III. My other book, "The Grand Old Lady of No Man's Land, The Vickers Machinegun" is unfortunately out of print.

I got interested in automatic weapons while serving in the US Army a long time ago and have been involved with them ever since. I sincerely hope that my books, and the others which I offer on behalf of Collector Grade Publications, Incorporated will be of interest.